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── the Vera initiative

The easiest way to offset your plastic footprint.

Stop ocean plastic & track your progress for only $3/mo.

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Together, we've prevented

plastic bottles from entering the ocean.


Step 1

Become a Vera Member

For just $3/month, you can start to make a significant impact to help reduce ocean plastic.


Step 2

Alleviate Poverty

Your monthly contribution creates jobs for people who collect ocean-bound plastic.


Step 3

Stop Ocean Plastic

Collectors prevent a 250 plastic bottles/month from entering the ocean on your behalf.


Step 4

Track your Impact

Watch your impact grow on your dashboard as you continue to offset your plastic footprint.

How we guarantee our impact

Powered by IBM, collected plastic that gets exchanged for digital currency is all transacted through the blockchain. This creates a traceable, auditable supply chain with real-time impact tracking that guarantees our promise. You can read more about how IBM's blockchain technology helps us prevent plastic from entering our oceans here.

Transparent. Honest.

We've created an effective, transparent solution for preventing plastic from entering our oceans, powered by Plastic Bank.


── technology


We use blockchain-based methods by IBM that makes our impact fully transparent.


── proof

Certified receipts

Every contribution we make to our partner is available for you to view on our open ledger.


── data

Membership revenue

Take a look at our company dashboard for a complete overview of our revenue.

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Your rewards

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── A global movement

"If we all rally together to save something we care about, we can make big changes. Vera is the way to do that."


Charly Savely


"A heart-warming initiative that facilitates doing the least you can do for Earth"

"Vera focuses on transparency to prove how your money is helping our planet"

"An effortless way to offset your plastic footprint for just $3 a month"

Offset your plastic footprint

Stop ocean plastic & track your progress for only $3/mo.

Save the ocean