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James Traf

October 16, 2019


Whether we notice it or not, everyday we use countless brands and products that help us go about our days. From toothpaste, to paper towel, to cleaning supplies, most of us don’t put very much thought into the products we use. By simply shopping from brands that support the environment, rather than Amazon, or your local pharmacy, you can significantly lower your personal impact on the environment, while supporting companies who do the same.

public goods

Public Goods

One of the great things about Public Goods, in our opinion, is the diversity of products as well as their branding. Since they sell exclusively online, they don’t have to compete with other products on the shelf, and can keep their packaging super clean and minimal. They sell a range of household products from bathroom necessities, to cleaning products, to tree-free paper towel & toilet paper, that are generally better for the environment that the products most of us are using daily. Although they still do use a little plastic to package some of their products, they’re continually searching for better ways to manufacture, package & deliver them.

bite toothpaste bits


With an estimated 1 billion plastic toothpaste tubes being thrown out each year, as well as over 100 million animals who suffer in the U.S. due to cruel chemical & drug testing, there's gotta be a better way to support your morning and night time routine. Thanks to Bite, there is. This category-defining product aims to replace your toothpaste, with toothpaste capsules, making for an easier, more convenient brush that's easier to travel with, is less messy, and best of all, supports a better environment. By only using recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable materials, Bite is able to offer an appealing alternative, and replaces products that would otherwise end up in our landfills and oceans.

bite toothpaste bits

Norden Project

Norden creates stylish, functional outerwear designed with specialty fabrics made from recycled plastic waste. Although a little on the pricey side, they're generally less expensive than alternatives with similar product quality, and of course, you get to support a company that's fashionably, sustainably, and ethically repurposing what the world has way too much of - plastic waste.

bite toothpaste bits

Soma Water

Soma is a company that designs beautiful, sustainable alternatives to single-use water bottles and pitchers. Their focus is not only on crafting beautiful products, but they strive to create more sustainable business practices, as well as finding solutions to the global water crisis. Every time you purchase a Soma product, they'll donate to charitable water projects, supporting those with minimal access to clean drinking water. Soma is a certified B-corporation, and are reviewed on standards of transparency, accountability, and performance.

By being more mindful of the products we're using, and the companies we're supporting in the process, we can, together, start to strive for a better earth, and a better you.

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