Establishing a new partnership with Plastic Bank

Luca Marra

December 1, 2019


The vision of Vera has always been to make the charity experience more transparent, rewarding and effective. Since our initial launch a few months ago, we've removed close to 10,000 plastic bottles from the ocean with the help of our partners. Although we're definitely happy about that, we realized that rather than removing bottles that were already in our oceans, we could be making more of an impact by preventing bottles from ever entering our oceans in the first place.

Today, we're stoked to announce our partnership with Plastic Bank, which will help us move closer to our vision for Vera. Here's a quick glance of what'll be changing for us:

public goods

When we stumbled on Plastic Bank, we immediately fell in love with how they're ending ocean plastic. They do this by preventing plastic from entering our oceans by alleviating poverty:

1. They empower impoverished countries with no waste-collecting systems to collect ocean-bound plastic — creating new jobs for those in need.

2. Collected plastic gets brought to Plastic Bank stores, which then gets exchanged for digital currency via the blockchain platform. This is how everything is accurately tracked.

3. What gets recycled is repurposed to make new products, and what can't get recycled is sent to efficient, low-emission waste management facilities.

public goods

As a globally recognized solution to stop ocean plastic, our partnership with Plastic Bank allows Vera members to effortlessly and accurately offset their plastic footprint — and we couldn't be happier about it. This is the first change of many to make a better Earth, and a better you.

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