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Become a Vera Certified Business

Turn your entire organization into a climate-positive workforce for as little as $6/employee/month.


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In just a few clicks, your business can make a significant impact to help the environment.


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Every month, you'll prevent 500 plastic bottles (per employee) from entering our oceans.


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Recent studies show remarkable benefits of companies that advocate sustainability.


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We've got answers.

What is Vera for Business?

Vera for Business is a global initiative that makes it easy for your organization to become a climate-positive workforce. By becoming Vera-Certified, you'll empower every person on your team to offset their plastic footprint — allowing them to become entirely plastic neutral.

How does Vera prevent plastic from entering our oceans?

With the help of our partner Plastic Bank, Vera creates new jobs to collect ocean-bound plastic in impoverished countries that don't have waste-collecting systems. Collectors bring the plastic to Plastic Bank stores, and exchange it for digital currency via the blockchain platform. That's how everything is accurately tracked. What gets recycled is repurposed to make new products. What can't get recycled is sent to efficient, low-emission waste management facilities.

How is my money being put to use?

As a Vera-Certified business, 75% of your contribution prevents 500 plastic bottles (per employee) from entering our oceans every month. The remaining 25% goes towards growing the company — allowing us to create more awareness, attract new members, and cover our web & transaction fees. Trust and transparency is part of our DNA. That's why every contribution we make to our partner Plastic Bank is available to view on our open ledger. Our membership revenue is also made open to the public.

How can you prove my impact?

Powered by IBM, collected plastic that gets exchanged for digital currencies are all transacted through blockchain technology. This creates a traceable, auditable supply chain with real-time impact tracking that guarantees our promise. You can read more about how IBM's blockchain technology helps us prevent plastic from entering our oceans here.

What if I have another question?

Feel free to send us an email with any questions! We'll get back to you within a day.

Become a Vera Certified Business

Empower your workforce to rid the ocean of plastic.

Become a climate-positive brand

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