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Our Story

Vera, by Visuals of Earth

We are living because of it

Water is our lifeblood. It lives within us, around us, and none of us can exist without it. Our survival as a species depends on it. Meanwhile...

We treat it poorly. It gives us life, and we give it back waste in return. Every year, an estimated 14 billion pounds of plastic and waste ends up in our oceans. Let's repeat that. 14 Billion pounds. Every single year.

It's an easy thing to dismiss. It's not something most of us ever really see or have to deal with, yet, keeping it healthy is crucial to our survival as a species.

This is our Ikigai, or put simply, our reason for being. We make it easy for you to contribute to the betterment of our world, for only $3 a month.

As a collective, we can accomplish anything.

Luca + James

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